fashion styling studio in Madrid, I worked in television, contributed to magazines as well as leading the fashion department at one of them, I have been head of the event styling Miss / Mister Huelva and dresser in plays and short films (the Revenge of Don Mendo, blood Wedding, Brokedown Palace, when the sun goes down aWARD (best Costume Design in cortojenia 2011, best costumes in Melilla, Candidate for Best short Film awards GOYA) Love and Powder … PANDORA)

I worked for Antena 3 TV series “We accomplices” and the program of the same house “Bravo Neox” by H. Bauer Publishing.

I am a personal stylist for the actress Esmeralda Moya, ranked by some experts as one of the best dressed actresses in Spain. I worked for singers and groups like The Musicalité, the decade, Oke, D’Manuel, Angelica, Mara, Bobby Vidales, Agustin Maria Galiana or popular Villalon (X Factor winner) or actresses Pilar Castro, Nathalie Seseña, Nathalie Poza (Hispania), Jennifer Smith (Fat), Anna del Rey (the Walking Dead) Silvia Alonso (Land of Wolves), Andrea Duro (physical or chemical), Cecilia Gessa.
I have 5 videos on my back, shoots (Mario Sierra, Marc Palencia, Manuel Otero, Rubén Darío, Nines Minguez, Mario Dazza, Kike Miranda, Laura Cardenas, Danniel Red Magi Torras, Jose Martinez) and advertising (Telefónica, Carrefour, Kit Kat, Timotei, Ausonia, Bankinter, Kellogs, Pantene. Buckler Multiopticas, Depuralina, Neste, Mercedes, All brags Kellogs) Besides, my work has been published in (Weekly XL, MIA BEAUTY, Oh my God!, MUST!)
I characterized as a formal and serious person, who loves his work and puts a lot of time and dedication.